Best BCAA By BPI Sports



BPI Sports Best BCAA provides you with the perfect ratio of the most essential fitness supporting amino acids.

Improved muscle strength levels while in the gym
Accelerated muscle strength gains because of the superior recovery you experience
Improved endurance levels so you can do more reps and sets without fatigue
Less muscle soreness after each workout session
Faster recovery time
Improved insulin sensitivity
Decreased levels of catabolism.
Improved overall energy levels
Improved cognitive focus and concentration
Improved hydration.
With the added CLA Matrix Blend, which may be able to enhance your body’s fat-burning ability.

In every serving of Best BCAA by BPI sports
2500 mg of L-Leucine to help with superior recovery abilities
1250 mg of L-Isoleucine to help improve muscular energy and endurance
1250 mg of L-Valine to assist with enhanced muscle strength
1000 mg of CLA, which supports optimal energy and fatty acid utilisation in the body
250 mg of Agmatine to improve cognitive fo


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