BYS Coffee Creamer By Before You Speak

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Combines healthy fats with fibre, giving you the ultimate in appetite control.

Higher energy levels
Improved blood glucose control
An excellent source of dietary fibre – a rare find in coffee creamer.
Antioxidant support that will help to fend off free radical damage and keep you feeling your best.
An increased ability to utilise fatty acids as a fuel source. May help you lose weight.
Low in sodium

47 calories, which is an excellent level for just about everyone
0 grams of protein
6.5 grams of dietary fat with 5.9 of those coming from healthy, MCT (saturated) sources
2.5 grams of carbohydrates with 2.45 of those coming from dietary fibre
Just 0.5 mg of sodium,
All-natural ingredients
No artificial sweeteners.

Direction of use: 
Mix 1 serving daily with coffee


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