Real Meal MRP By Cyborg Sport

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Real Meal MRP is a premium meal replacement formula designed to replicate a healthy, whole meal. Only the best ingredients are used to create the optimum balance of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

Balanced whole food meal replacement powder
50g carb
25g protein
7.5g fat nutrition profile per serving
Whole oats and low GI beet sugar
Fast and slow-digesting proteins
Added MCT Oil
Full vitamin & mineral complex

Direction of use
Serving size: 3 Level Scoops (91.5g)
Mix 1 Serve (3 scoops) with 250-300ml cold water in a shaker. Shake for one minute to allow all ingredients to fully dissolve. Take in replacement for a regular meal. Always consider your overall calorie intake and exercise program when.


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