Detox Revolution By Musclesport


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Detox Revolution is an advanced full body detox formula designed to cleanse the body,

Full-body cleansing matrix
Helps eliminate harmful toxins & bloating
Contains water eliminating compounds
Promotes healthy gut bacteria
Supports reductions in inflammation & oxidative stress
High in antioxidants

Psyllium Husk can absorb fatty acids and cholesterol (which can be bound to toxins) to pull them out of the system.
Cascara Sagrada stimulates the muscles of the intestines and helps eliminate harmful toxins and bloating.
Dandelion Root aids in the removal of water-soluble toxins.
Ginger Root Improves feelings of nausea,
Lactobacillus Acidophilus

Direction of use
Take One Serving (1 Capsule) upon waking. You can take an additional serving before bed.


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