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Natural Estrogen balancing supplement

Benefits per serve
. Reduces mood swings and bloating
. Supports thyroid function and weight loss
. Healthy boost of Dopamine
. Assisting with phase two estrogen detoxification processes to rid the body of excess hormones.

This amazing herb is renowned for balancing the ratio of Estrogen to Progesterone which is profoundly important for both monthly cycle regularity in women,
brain. This leads to improved mood, memory, focus, and cognition, and feelings of reward and positivity. So it is potent mood support botanical as well as a hormonal balancer.

Broccoli Sprout Extract (naturally occurring DIM)
DIM is a beautiful compound that assists the Phase 2 Detoxification of Estrogen metabolites in the body. This means in simple terms that when your body is trying to balance Estrogen, it does so by detoxifying excess hormone.

Curcumin is a potent extract from Turmeric that is renowned for having several useful properties. Firstly, it is demonstrated to lo


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