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Mini massage gun.
The Flow MINI is a lightweight, ultra-portable handheld massager providing any user relief from pain –anywhere and at any time.

FOUR SPEEDS – Each one operates at a scientifically calibrated treatment frequency.
. Different flow heads Four different attachments offer varying firmness and shapes (Medium, Hammer, Bullet & Fork). Each one is precisely engineered to deliver specific benefits targeted muscles, muscle groups, and other areas of the body.
.Lightweight Weighing under 3 lbs, the perfectly proportioned Flow MINI is portable and lightweight enough to access just about any location.
. Long lasting the MINI’s powerful yet quiet high-torque motor is ready when you need relief, thanks to all-day battery endurance and fast charging times.
. Portable comes with a convenient cloth carry bag with drawstring.
. Attractive sleek, scaled-down design with available neon blue trim.


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