Fruits & Greens By Optitune Nutrition


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Fruits, Greens, is a multivitamin supplement only containing natural ingredients.

Full-Strength Greens Product
Helps Keep the Body Alkaline
Improves Total Body Health
More than 40 Superfoods Packed With Vitamins & Minerals
Probiotics to Support Gut Health
Enhances Immune Health*
Digestive Enzymes
No Artificial Colors

Greens & Vegetable Blend – Spirulina, Wheat Grass, and more to optimize immune, metabolic, and cardiovascular health.
Spectra™ – A precise blend of ingredients proven to improve mitochondrial health, reduce reactive oxygen species, and improve endothelial function.
Prebiotic Fiber – Acts as a special sort of food for our healthy gut bacteria.
Probiferrin® – A probiotic with lactoferrin engineered to sustain good bacteria while getting rid of bad
Digestive Enzymes

Direction of use
Take 1 scoop (7.5 grams) during any time of the day for
a daily boost.


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