Gut Performance By Everybody Everyday


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Gut performance trains your gut for better athletic performance. scientifically developed with a range of natural ingredients that promote gut health.

Improved gut microbiome and higher levels of active healthy probiotics
Reduced constipation – improved regularity
Relief from IBS symptoms
Decreased bloating
Lower gas production
Decreased gut inflammation, which can also lower total body inflammation
Improved blood glucose control after consuming carbohydrates when taken with food
Improved athletic performance; better endurance and strength levels
Great source of soluble and insoluble fibre to help promote regular bowel movements, lower cholesterol, and improve satiety
All-natural, no preservatives, colours, or other added ingredients

Each serving contains
Whole beetroot powder to help enhance energy and endurance
Sugarcane Stem
Red sorghum to provide maximum antioxidant support and help enhance your natural immune system
Gum (xanthan and guar) to help boost total dietary fibre content



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