Hammer Of God By BPM Labs

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If you want a pre-workout that will take your workout up to a God-like level, Hammer of God by BPM Labs is the one.

Increased muscle explosiveness
Improved muscular endurance,
Increased focus and alertness.
Enhanced mind-muscle connection.
Energy levels that don’t quit.
Increased resting metabolic rate,

Contains in each serving
4000 mg of beta-alanine
400 mg of caffeine to help give you that mental edge
30 mg of Synephrine, to help boost your metabolic rate and increase mental speed and quickness

Direction of use
Take one scoop of Hammer of God with 200ml of water 15-20 minutes before training. For the first time, take one scoop to assess your tolerance. DO NOT consume more than one scoop in a 24-hour period.


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