Hangover Relief By Body Armour


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Body Armour is designed to reduce some of alcohol’s negative effects and help you feel better the next day – a Hangover Relief.

Immune system health
Energy production
Contains Thiamine which supports muscle function.
Skin health
Bone health
Heart health
Contains Vitamin C, which supports collagen formation.
Contains Riboflavin, which supports healthy body tissues.
Contains Riboflavin, which supports red blood cell health.

Direction of use
Adults, take 100mL [1 bottle] once daily. Dosage can be taken undiluted, with 150mL glass of water, or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Drink chilled.

For best results, drink Body Armour (100ml bottle) a minimum of one hour before alcohol.
This method will allow your body time to absorb the formula and not flush it out.


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