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JD Nutraceuticals has created Keto EAA to help your body kick start the fat-burning benefits of being in Ketosis while doing intermitted fasting.

Stay on ketosis.
Improve fatigue as you are carbohydrate-deficient the body will naturally feel fatigued.
Increase brain function.
Enhance body function.
Boost fat loss.

500mg of Alpha-GPC, which will help with cognitive function.
480g of EAA, which will give you the rebuild and repair properties to help the body recover.
500 of MCT, which will help with ketosis.
18 Calories, which will help you to stay on track of your daily macros.
2.4g of carbohydrates 1.1g of Sugar.
0.4g of Saturated Fat
No gluten or lactose

Direction of use
Mix 1 serving with 300ml – 450ml with water and consume 30 minutes before breakfast or fasted cardio.
Keto EAA is best consumed before breakfast or fasted cardio for optimal results. You can have a second dose during the day if you need extra mental focus.


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