Oxyshred Hardcore Ultra Concentration By EHP Labs

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OxyShred Hardcore has been designed for users looking for a tremendous amount of energy and focus that lasts longer throughout the day whilst annihilating any unwanted weight.

Burn stubborn fat.
Boost metabolism. A much stronger compound that will curb your appetite,
Enhances your mood
Enhance the immune system with the combination of glutamine, vitamins, and minerals, which will help you to fight disease and viruses

1750mg of Fat Mobilisation Matrix, which will help to incinerate fat as it will transport fat cells into the mitochondria to convert fat into energy.
315.01mg of Hardcore Beta 3 Thermogenic Matrix, which will help to increase body temperature to activate fat-burning properties
1030mg of Nootropic Focus Cognitive Booster, which will help overall focus, mood elevation, and cognitive function.
750mg of Immunity Booster Prebiotic,
24.59mg of Full B Vitamin Spectrum, which will prevent vitamin deficiency.

Direction of use
On training days, take 1 scoop with 9oz (295 m


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