Plant Based Protein By Natures Best



Nature’s Best is an organic plant-based protein powder containing the purest ingredients.

Easy to digest
Supports body composition
each serve has 20g of protein
Low in carbs
Low in fat
Supports an excellent amino profile.
Supports muscle recovery.
Feel fuller for longer as pea protein is as effective as dairy-based protein when it comes to promoting fullness.
Vegan friendly
Nothing artificial

Each serving (28g) contains
105 calories
20g of protein
1.5g of total fat
Only 0.5g is saturated fat
2g of carbohydrates
0 sugars

Direction of use
Mix 31 grams (about 1 scoop) with 300 – 360 mL of water in a shaker or blender.

Or mix it into your favourite smoothie shake or your favourite cooking or baking recipe.


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