PREV2 By Purge Sports

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Purge Sport`s PREV2 is the ultimate pre-workout training enhancer. Our promise to bring you nothing but absolute supplement perfection holds true with the strongest pre-workout ever formulated.

Improved natural energy levels.
Superior muscle pumps.
Better absorption.
Intense focus and drive while in the gym.
Improved metabolic rate.
Enhanced ability to withstand fatigue build-up in the muscle cells caused by higher rep training.

Each serving contains
1000 mcg of Vitamin B12 for superior energy
25 mg of Niacin to help further improve natural energy levels.
6000 mg of Citrulline Malate to support stronger muscle pumps.
2000 mg of Arginine AKG to assist with dilating the blood vessels and improving blood flow to the working muscle cells.
1000 mg of Taurine to improve strength output.
3200 mg of Beta-Alanine to help assist with enhanced buffering of lactic acid build-up so you can show better overall endurance in every workout you complete.
325 mg of caffeine anhydrous to give laser-sharp focus and


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