R1 Protein By Rule 1



Use R1 Protein to feed your muscles fast after a workout. With Isolate and Hydrolysed proteins, your muscles will thank you.

Increased Lean Muscle
Aids Recovery
Improves Digestion
Helps Protein Synthesis
Easy to digest
Gum free
Creamer free
Filler free
Nitrogen Spiking free
25 grams of the most elite isolate and hydrolysate blend.
0g Fat
1g Carb
6g BCAA’s

Direction of use
Tasty Shakes: Mix one heaping scoop of R1 Protein with approx. 8oz. of water, milk, or your favorite beverage in a shaker cup or glass with spoon.

Juicy Smoothies: Add your favorite fruit and ice to the above, mix in a blender and enjoy!

Quickie Breakfasts: Stir one scoop into oatmeal or yogurt for a fortified start.

Suggested Use: Consume 1-3 shakes (or equivalent) per day, based on your personal protein requirements
Take 1 serving with 300ml of water post-workout or as desired.


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