Rage By Muscle Militia

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An advanced pre-workout with bona fide performance and blood flow enhancing ingredients

Dramatically boosts energy and focus,
Increases blood flow.
Supreme Energy
Enhanced Pumps
Improved Performance

Each serving contains
3,000mg 3-Aminopropanoic Acid – Increases muscular power output and buffers lactic acid to increase work capacity and training volume.
450mg Total Stimulants (as Caffeine, Hordenine, and Octopamine) Enhances energy, endurance, and pain tolerance to push through even the toughest sessions.
25mg CDP Choline – Boosts cognition, strengthening the mind-muscle connection and powering better muscle contractions.
3,000mg Citrulline Malate – Increases blood flow, creating outstanding pumps and muscle swelling.
500mg L-Ornithine – Clears ammonia created during training, preventing the accumulation of fatigue for longer, stronger workouts.

Direction of use
Mix 1 scoop of Militia Rage with 250-350ml of cold water. Consume 15-30 minutes before exercise.


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