RIPTX By Purge Sports

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RIPTX is engineered for perfection, providing 20 full-strength, fat-burning ingredients for maximum body fat loss. In order to create a shredded physique,

Improved energy levels.
Enhanced metabolic output.
Increased mental focus and energy.
Enhanced strength output to help you crush through PB’s
Improved mood.
Improved fatty acid oxidation rates.
Little to no let down or crash after using the supplement
Helps improve blood glucose control.
Provides antioxidant support to keep your immune system at its best.
Increased muscle endurance.

Each serving contains
200 mcg of chromium, which will help to induce higher insulin.
100 mcg of iodine to support proper thyroid function
25 mg of GBB to help increase natural energy
helps you to fight off fatigue
750 mg of L-Tyrosine to help ensure that you are mentally alert.
350 mg of Caffeine
1500 mg of L-Carnitine to assist with improving the release of fatty acids as a fuel source.
25 mg of Green Coffee Bean Extract


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