Snickers Hi Protein By Mars


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Snickers Whey Protein by Mars. A high protein that has delicious chocolate, caramel, and peanut flavour just like the classic Snickers bar chocolate we all know and love.

Supports body composition.
Boosts metabolism
Supports muscle growth
Supports natural antioxidant defenses.
Supports appetite as protein makes you feel fuller for longer.
Supports recovery. This protein powder has all nine essential amino acids, which will help with faster recovery.
High protein,
low in carbs
Low in sugar
Low in fat

Each serving (35g) contains
595 kilojoules
20.9g of protein
3.5g of fat and 2.3g is saturated
5.4g od carbohydrates and 3.7g is sugar

Directions of use
Take 1 serving with 250mls water post-workout or as desired.


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