The One Ultimate By BPM Labs

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Using the strongest stimulants available, this blend is perfect for anyone wanting a pre-workout that provides nuclear energy. One scoop is more than enough to give you the extreme mental focus you need to reach your training goals. Don’t be surprised if you start smashing PR’s left right and centre after you start incorporating this into your routine. You’ll be pushing your body to perform at its best, even when you feel unmotivated and sluggish. You’ll be keeping this one at the front of your pantry, but be warned, your friends will steal a scoop whenever they get the chance!  

This powerful blend incorporates high-quality stimulants, so you’ll be feeling the rush as soon as you step into the gym.  

When you take The One Ultimate by BPM Labs you will: 
  • Have explosive energy to fuel your workout 
  • Have increased mental clarity and focus 
  • Support strength and endurance 
  • Have a delicious and easy to drink pre-workout 

When your motivation leaves, The One Ultimate by BPM Labs is ready and waiting to step up to the task. Not only will this formula fuel your motivation, but you’ll see real results, fast. 

In each serving of The One Ultimate by BPM Labs you receive: 
  • 1500mg of Beta Alanine 
  • 200mg of Guarana 
  • 250mg of English Walnut Fruit extract 
  • 50mg of Theobromine 
  • 10mg of Paradoxin™ (Grains of Paradise) 
  • 1000mg of Agmatine Sulphate 
  • 500mg of Taurine 
  • 10mg of Black Pepper extract 
  • 30mg of Coffee Canephora extract 
  • 30mg of Synephrine HCL 
  • 100mg of L-Arginine AKG 
  • 25mg of Vitamin B3(as Niacin) 
  • 10mg of Vitamin B12 
  • 5mg of Evodiamine 
  • 50mg of Lupin 


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