Vitality Switch By Switch



Vitality Switch is a combination of concentrated wholefoods rich in polyphenols, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins to help support your daily nutrient requirements.

Supports a stronger immune system
Helps to enhance your overall gut health
Reduces your risk of IBS and irregularity
Helps to detoxify the body
Improves your natural energy levels and prevents unwanted crashes during the day
Keeps your hormones properly balanced and in check
Helps to reduce the signs of aging
Keeps your skin, hair, and nails looking their best
Provides a quick and easy way to get the nutrition that your body needs.
Helps to combat free radical damage
Helps to promote clearer thinking during the day
Decreases risk of joint pain an injury

Each serving contains
15.9 calories – perfect for every low-calorie diet plan
2.2 grams of protein
0.3 grams of fat
1.1 grams of carbs and no added sugar
0.9 grams of fibre
super greens whole food blend
organic medicinal mushroom blend
digestive enzyme blend
gut health blend
Detox a


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