Xtend Still RTD By Scivation

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World-class athletes, elite bodybuilders, champion powerlifters, and weight-training enthusiasts all use Xtend Still RTD on The Go during their workouts to help them train longer, harder, and with more intensity

7 grams of BCAAs
0 Sugars
0 carbs
0 calories
3.5g of Leucine
1g of Citrulline Malate
Electrolytes – Perfect for pre-, post, or intra-workout hydration
Helps to facilitate both fat loss and new muscle construction.

Direction of use
Consume one bottle (16.9 fl. oz) of XTEND® before, during, or after exercise, or at any time during the day. For best results, consume 2 servings of XTEND® daily.


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